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Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The Salvus GDPR Toolkit enables organisations of any size to fast-track GDPR compliance. Salvus makes it simple and cost effective.

Step 1: Does GDPR apply to my business?

So many sources on the internet fail to ask this basic question.

The GDPR has many complex criteria and conditions, but the exemptions are reasonably clear, we will uses these to test if you are (or not) required to comply with this law.

My business is 100% B2B (Business to Business)

Correct! Wrong!

I have no personnel (or I outsource HR & hold no records)

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I outsource my end-customer transactions/functions (and hold no records)

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I have no third-party service providers

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Self-Assessment Questionnaire
If you answer 'yes' to all of the above, your have no GDPR exposure, and
Salvus investors would like to meet you (ASAP)
If you answered 'no' to any of the above, you need to start thinking about how the new regulations might impact
• your business, • your officers, • your personnel, and • your clients. Note: in some territories there are "derogations" for small business, but this may be a poisoned chalice. Contact us now