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Training & Support

A key requirement of the GDPR is training of personnel within an organisation. Why? Do you know …

Over 50% of data breaches are caused by personnel

Human error plays a big part – we are all busy and mistakes do happen

Salvus training solutions are designed to be engaging, ‘bite-sized’, repeatable and, significantly, practical within the real-world work environment.

We have seen the common training solutions that seek to measure trainee understanding of complex regulations; they have not worked for decades and we doubt anything will change now.

Doing the same will result in the same (= useless/valueless)

An innovative approach was long overdue

Salvus has created training solutions that are innovative & practical

we apply regulation within the real-world work environment

Perhaps more important, all our training solutions include assessments because we believe that if you cannot measure what works, you will never achieve value or performance improvement

integrate with your existing policies and procedures

You may combine online training and assessment modules with in-house training seminars for high engagement and business value

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