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Hosting Solutions

If you are considering the benefits of "Cloud" You have just found the best provider

GDPR Compliance

When combined with Salvus data protection & compliance services, enterprises benefit from;
  • Improved productivity, with fully managed services customised to your needs,
  • Centralised control & consistency across devices & users and/or groups,
  • Real time risk management with accurate & efficient reporting,

All of which helps the enterprise prove data protection confidence & compliance, which builds trust with their customers and boosts growth.


SherWeb Benefits

SherWeb is a world-class cloud services provider that outperforms the biggest brands in the cloud industry.

Download the SherWeb performance comparison here

Why is SherWeb such an acclaimed award winning service?

Download the Salvus-SherWeb managed services performance summary here

Do you want a reliable and cost effective back-up and disaster recovery solution?

Download the Salvus-SherWeb solution summary here

Do you want an efficient GDPR compliant service that takes the headaches away?

Download the Salvus-Microsoft GDPR FastTrack solution summary here

How much does it cost?

Salvus can offer a variety of Hosting solution plans including;

  • Risk-free pay as you go
  • Annual contract plans are available
  • Packaged solutions that may combine Microsoft 365, Hosting, Data Protection and managed services fully configured & scalable for your business needs & budget.

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